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Why We Created DogBush

Our first rescue dog Diesel inspired us to create DogBush.  After the passing of our first Labrador, we decided to explore rescue dog adoption.  Lab Rescue connected us with a handsome, snuggly bear who LOVED food and had no interest in toys. But he also came to us with severe food aggression and anxiety.   

Diesel was our first Labrador retriever rescue that we adopted

We struggled with his issues for a while because they were unpredictable.  There was one memorable event involving a spicy chicken sandwich that Diesel REALLY wanted.  Afterwards he seemed to realize that he behaved badly, but he almost couldn’t help himself. 

Every Dog is Different

Sadly we realized that we were trying to treat him like our previous dog, Amber.  She was eight weeks old when we adopted her and the sweetest, gentlest creature.  There is a big difference between adopting a puppy and rescue dog adoption.  We eventually learned that we placed an unfair burden on Diesel.  The expectation that he would be just like Amber because they were the same breed set us up for disappointment.  

Amber our first labrador retriever dog

What was different was that we had no idea what the first six years of Diesel’s life looked like. Dogs are vastly different based not only on their genetics but also on their experiences.  Sadly it seems that Diesel’s were not good ones.  We had to work to earn his trust and even then, he still showed aggression to certain members of the family in specific situations.  Despite his issues, we did everything we could to make his life the best it could be, but it took a lot of research and learning along the way.

A Community for Rescue Dog Adoption

With DogBush, we aim to create a community focused on all dogs with a special place in our heart for rescues and the people who love them.  Follow us here & on Instagram to learn more about rescue dog adoption and how to live with your wonderful new friend!  If you’re wondering what you need to know before adopting a dog, head here for some helpful tips.


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    But the incredible thing about rescuing dogs is that, while some may take a little more time than others, once you have their love and trust, there’s nothing in the world that could take your place in their heart.